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Henson Crisp are Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) that provide personalised wealth management and financial planning advice and services to individuals and businesses across the UK.

The initial no-obligation meeting is at our expense, if you decide that you could benefit from our services and advice, one of our Independent Financial Advisers will work with you to further understand your objectives and build a bespoke financial plan to help you reach your goals.

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In 2007, whilst anticipating the arrival of my youngest son, Callum, I established Henson Crisp Ltd. I spend my time both advising clients on all aspects of financial planning and running the business. I am proud to say that some of my clients have been with me for 25 years and this ties in with my belief that a long term view on investment and pension planning is very important. Being able to work with clients and multiple generations of a family allows me to perform my role of ensuring the best outcomes for families now and for future generations.


Investment planning

We invest in a socially responsible way, wherever possible. We are also very aware of the community of which we are a part. This is reflected in how the business supports local charities. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what is socially and environmentally acceptable. The same applies to the wide range of ESG funds. Some have very strict criteria. Others may select the best of a group, even if it does not meet all the criteria. After all, social responsibility and corporate governance...

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Protection Planning

When it comes to protection planning, we can look at your lifestyle to tailor a protection package, ensuring your family will be financially secure whatever life throws at you. Helping you to protect the things that are important; your family, your health and your lifestyle. We cn also advise on a range of protection policies for your business.

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Tax Planning

Tax advice can help you make changes to savings and investment habits. We can offer advice on matters ranging from simple tax-free savings for children to tax strategies when you make your will. Understanding the UK tax rules and regulations is complicated to say the least. Our financial advisers will be able to tell you which of these applies to you and your situation and then advise you on the most efficient way to plan your tax year.

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is a complex area, and individual circumstances vary. It’s highly recommended to seek professional advice from one of our Independent Financial Advisers, to ensure that your estate planning is considered holistically alongside your financial planning, to align with your specific needs and goals.

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Trust Planning

Trust Planning helps you to manage assets for the future, so that you can plan ahead and know that taxation is being mitigated. It can provide significant tax planning opportunities, as well as protect your beneficiaries from a range of future risks to their finances. A Trust’s main value can be to keep your estate out of probate after your death. Since trusts usually avoid probate, your beneficiaries may access these assets quicker than they might access assets that are transferred using a wil...

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How can you prepare and what do you need to take into consideration? What are your retirement options? The world of pensions and retirement changed significantly in April 2015 when the UK pensions system was radicalised through what became known as Pensions Freedoms. In essence this gave people greater control and freedom than ever before when it comes to accessing their pension

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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement may feature low on your list of priorities, especially if it is likely to be decades away. However, we need to be sure that we will have sufficient funds to last potentially over 40 years of retirement. The state pension age has increased in recent years. Furthermore, this increase is set to continue, meaning people have to wait longer to claim their state pension.

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Pensions on Divorce

At Henson Crisp we know that divorce is one of the most stressful times people go through. Adding pensions into the mix can be daunting, so the Pensions on Divorce Expert (PODE) at Henson Crisp is here to provide advice and guidance. They will work closely with the divorce lawyer, valuing and reviewing both parties’ Defined Contribution and /or Money Purchase pension arrangement and prepare the report required for a pension sharing order to be issued by the family court. Separately, regulated a...

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Employee Benefits

At Henson Crisp we offer employee benefits packages that help your company stand out from the crowd. The packages we offer include: - Group Private Medical Insurance - Group Income Protection - Workplace Pensions - Group Life Insurance

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